Shocking harness race in Cork gets 87k views on YouTube (video)

9 May 2012

A dangerous harness race in Cork that saw gardaí give chase as horses raced against ongoing traffic, and trend on YouTube with almost 87,000 views, has resulted in an arrest being made, it emerged today.

The video entitled ‘Russian ladie (sic) vs Christys fillie race stopped by Gardai’ – apparently shot on 5 May on the Cork to Mallow road – shows harness racers, also known as sulky racers, put their own lives and the lives of other motorists, their horses, and children in mortal danger.

Two sets of harness racers race along a public road ignoring other drivers coming head-on.

The video was shot from one vehicle and children can be heard in the background urging the racers on.

A garda car can be seen trying to stop the race.

Unperturbed, the harness drivers race against oncoming traffic while vehicles accompanying the racers form a barricade up to four vehicles abreast despite two-way traffic to prevent the gardaí from capturing the racers.

It appears towards the end of the video that one of the harness drivers was caught by gardaí.

However, the people supporting the race seem more concerned about having to start the race again in order to safeguard their winnings rather than showing any concern for the danger they put themselves, others and the children in.

It is understood that gardaí in Cork have arrested a man in his 20s in connection with the incident.

Update: The video has since been removed from YouTube

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years