Snapchat introduces new selfie filters, paid-for replays

16 Sep 2015

Snapchat announced an update to its service on Tuesday (15 September) that allows you to edit your selfies in some pretty, eh, interesting ways.

On its blog, the company announced the introduction of Lenses, a feature that allows you to edit your selfies.

To use Lenses, before you take a snap press and hold on your face onscreen, a row of options for filters will then appear along the bottom.

You have the choice of making yourself look really old, really scary, or like you’re vomiting rainbows, among other options.


Accurate representation of me with a hangover


Eye don’t know what this one is about


Sincerely hope I age better than this, but that I do have a monocle


You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry


I’m not entirely sure why anyone would really want to play with these features more than once, but as I’m not a teenager I’m sure Snapchat isn’t too worried about what I think.

Also announced by the company on Tuesday was the introduction of a Replay function for US users, which allows you to purchase the option of replaying snaps you receive, with three replays costing US$0.99.

Will users really be willing to pay just to see a snap again? Only time will tell.

Main photo via Shutterstock

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.