New Solitaire website makes you a winner, every time

2 Apr 2016

Solitaire used to be the salvation of bored young workers who have now grown up and are extremely time poor. A solution is at hand!

A developer has created an ingenious website that will give you the satisfaction of winning at Solitaire every time you click.

Do you remember when Windows computers were wee pups and there was actually time in the world before we all swallowed the bull that all these productivity tools, smartphones and apps would give us back time?

Remember how there might have been time – depending on your “interesting job” – to play the odd game of Solitaire and while away minutes (or hours) trying to achieve that magical fluttering card effect across the screen?

Well, your prayers have been answered thanks to developer Ricardo Cabello who has created an amazing Click and Win! site.

Every time you click the screen, you win! Isn’t that amazing?

For those of you who are time poor, but demand satisfaction, this one’s for you.


A lovely clean green screen


One click and you are a winner!


Two clicks and … aw, heck this could go on all day!

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years