Sploot: A brilliantly pointless seagull pooping game

24 Aug 2015

Seagulls have taken a bit of a bashing in politics recently, but have you ever wondered how fun it must be to be one? Now, wonder no more.

Sploot is a ‘pay what you like’ game developed for VR headsets, but available on desktop, too. The premise is simple. Fly around as a seagull, laying waste on those below.

“You are a seagull that poops uncontrollably,” introduces the game. “Poop on buildings, poop on cars, poop on people, poop on everything.”

That’s pretty much it. You get points for achieving particular ‘targets’, with a POV style aided by a small square showing your reign of terror.

You can soar high in the skies, but that gets boring pretty quickly. What you want is to plummet down to just above head height, where your incontinence comes into full effect.


It’s quite repetitive but, given the content, it does make you smile. Although an issue I had with it was, using the desktop variant, I found myself desperate for a VR headset.

“Fly around a charming seaside town, raining fecal chaos on the innocent citizens below. Poop on as many people, cars and buildings as possible.

“Fill your insatiable lust for bread, and seek out the most valuable golden targets. Be careful, you’re very fragile!”

For those looking to let off a little steam, why not convert that fury into a game limited to such a degree that it shouldn’t be this fun.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic