Spoiler alert: Halo 4 leaks three weeks ahead of launch

15 Oct 2012

The highly anticipated fourth instalment of the Halo video-game series has apparently leaked three weeks ahead of its release date and the game’s creators are none too pleased.

The next three weeks are going to be tough for Halo fans as spoilers from leaked copies of Halo 4 are expected to flood the internet.

A questionable image of two discs emblazoned with ‘Halo 4’ in an Xbox 360 case has appeared online but there are also torrents of the game said to be available. Judging by the reaction of the game’s creators, it seems the leak is legitimate.

“Discs are being made and distributed, you may start to see leaks,” warned 343 Industries, the game’s developers, on the Halo Waypoint Blog.

Security teams have been called in to investigate the leak and law enforcement officials have been contacted. “Piracy is illegal and we are taking vigorous action against it,” the blog reads.

Going dark

Staying spoiler-free until the game’s release on 6 November won’t be easy, but the game’s creators are hoping fans can hold out. Creative director of Halo 4 Josh Holmes tweeted, “I’ve worked for over three years making Halo 4. Please avoid spoilers and leaks from thieves for three more weeks until the game is out. Thank you.”

“If you’re interested in staying spoiler-free, we encourage you to exercise caution when visiting various websites, social networking services, and forums,” advises the Halo Waypoint Blog. “Going dark is a customary pre-launch tradition for many gamers, and now may be the time to do that.”

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic