Spotify to launch in the US soon?

14 Jan 2011

European music-streaming service Spotify may soon be launching in the US after the site reportedly signed deals with major record labels.

Two music sources told the New York Post that Spotify is days away from signing a deal with Sony Music.

“Spotify is launching in the US, for sure,” one music executive said. “They’ve got the deals now.”

A US launch would be a major gain for the popular European music-streaming service. The site was aiming for a 2010 launch in America, however, it was unable to achieve this, as record heads were cynical that it was a viable business opportunity.

If these reports are true, then American users could gain access to the streaming service soon.

The service is popular in Europe, operating in countries such as the UK, Finland, France and Norway. It is currently unavailable in Ireland.

The free version offers 20 hours of music a month with advertising. The paid version, which has 750,000 subscribers, offers unlimited streaming and mobile accessibility.