Starbucks’ new app allows mobile ordering and payment #queuebuster

4 Dec 2014

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Oregonians are waking up to a new world as coffee chain Starbucks makes buying a latte so much easier with a new iPhone app.

Launched today in Portland, the new service allows customers to place orders in advance of their visit and pick them up when they get to the store.

A new tab will appear on the Starbucks iPhone app, with a fairly straightforward order and collection system, with a map included and the company’s rewards system already integrated.

Although only in Portland for now, this test case will see a city-by-city rollout next year.

Starbucks’ global reach is such that the harnessing of mobile shopping could revolutionise its business. It could streamline its service, obviously, but also greater influence its customers’ behaviour.

The market, too, is massive. During a call with Wall Street analysts last month, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz claimed mobile payments at its stores were growing by almost 50pc annually.

What’s more, he said, 90pc of all mobile payments in 2013 were made at Starbucks, according to

Oh, and for any caffeine junkies out there who happen to be on Android, well your app will be coming soon.


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic