Temple Run 2 reaches 1bn downloads, mostly women

4 Jun 2014

Showing how the player-base of casual gaming has shifted dramatically, the popular mobile game Temple Run 2 has passed the 1bn download mark, 60pc of which are women.

The Imangi Studios’ game has been top of the App Store and Google Play Store’s charts for months since its release in January 2013 and its predecessor, Temple Run, which launched on iOS in August 2011.

Despite being based in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States, the game’s largest market exists in China where 36pc of its player-base is found, followed by the US at 21pc, India and the UK at 4pc and Germany at 3pc.

However, perhaps the most interesting statistic to appear from their findings is the obvious growth of the female gaming market with its 60pc player majority.

It would appear, along with other mobile games, that the stereotypes of being a male dominated entertainment are eroding fast.

Hosted on Re/code, Imangi released an infographic of some of the other interesting stats regarding the best-selling game.


Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic