The App Review: Music Challenge HD

16 Aug 2010

I’m a big quiz and trivia fan and enjoy my music so any game that combines these elements is instantly appealing to me but the integration of my own iPod library in Music Challenge HD was a winning touch.

If you’ve already played Music Challenge from Redwind Software on the iPhone you’ll know how addictive and fun this game is but the larger screen on the iPad makes it that much more appealing, especially for multiplayer where you can pass the iPad around and really experience the game as a group.

This game is an all-rounder because it has 11 different categories including rounds specifically on male and female artists, bands, decades and one-hot wonders.

Music Challenge HD is an audio-visual experience where your knowledge of music is tested with various different challenges including trivia, word games, over art and audio samples.

There are over 3,500 unique questions so if you start out on easy and work your way up to medium and hard levels, you’ll be sure to be entertained for quite a while.

Aside from playing by yourself (and then posting your high score on the online leaderboard for all to see) you can also do pass ‘n play for a group game.

My favourite bit was that I had an option to pull in my entire iPod library, cover art included. It’s funny to be quizzed on your music tastes and test your knowledge on what lurks on the old iPod because it made me realise that while I knew some songs backwards I hadn’t a clue of others.

Be warned: if you have any extremely cheesy music on your iPod be careful during pass ‘n play because you risk exposing your (lack of) musical taste to an entire roomful of people.

As the opening strains of Van Halen pumped out of my iPad I have to admit I was slightly embarrassed but not as much as when my vast collection of Christmas classics leaked out.

This game is lots of fun and the perfect thing to download on the fly if you have some friends coming around for drinks and you’re out of entertainment ideas.

Platform: Apple iPad
Cost: €2.99 from the App Store