The week in gadgets

11 Oct 2010

A look at gadget, game and geek happenings in the week ahead.

Body organs to update you through phone

A Dutch research group has developed a system which can send status updates from electrocardiogram sensors to Android phones.

The Human++ BAN system has a dongle that fits into the microSD card slot of a phone. It receives information from sensors attached to a necklace over the nRF24L01+ frequency, informing a person on the status of their organs’ well being on their phone.

The information can also be sent to their doctor, too.

The system could be used not only for people with medical problems. Athletes could also use it to monitor their health to improve their workout routines.

No Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 yet

Rovio Mobile, who developed the highly popular iPhone game Angry Birds, has said it has no immediate plans to launch a Windows Phone 7 version at the moment.

Microsoft placed an icon of the game on its site, however, the game developers have said they have not “committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version.”

“Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission,” said the company.

Angry Birds is one of the best-selling apps on Apple’s iOS platform.

It’s also available for PalmOS devices. The Lite version can be downloaded for Symbian and Android, with the full game to be released for Symbian soon.

Two limited-edition red Nintendo bundles for Mario’s anniversary.

Nintendo has unveiled two, limited-edition red console bundles to celebrate Mario’s 25th anniversary.

The first is the New Super Mario Bros Nintendo DSi XL Special Edition Pack, which will be available across Europe from 22 October.

It includes a red Nintendo DSi XL branded with character icons and a copy of New Super Mario Bros.

The other is the New Super Mario Bros Wii Pack, which includes a red Wii, a red Wii Remote Plus and three games – New Super Mario Bros, Wii Sports and the original Donkey Kong pre-installed on the Wii.

It will be available from 29 October.