Tinder asking over 28s to fork out nearly four times more for Tinder Plus

2 Mar 2015

Tinder image via Colin Charles/Flickr

Those in their late 20s can start feeling older after dating app Tinder released plans for its Tinder Plus subscription service, which will cost nearly €6 per month, but over 28s will have to fork out over €20.

The Tinder app, which has been free since its inception in 2012, has now launched a subscription service, Tinder Plus.

For those wondering what exactly Tinder Plus will give users over the free version, the major differences are users will be allowed to select the city they would like to browse before they actually visit, while also being able to undo a date candidate they had previously said no to.

However, according to Business Insider, while the US has been issued a flat-rate subscription of US$9.99 (€8.90) per month, Europeans have been offered a two-tiered payment structure that appears to show an arguable case of ageism against people as young as 28.

According to the subscription rates, people under the age of 28 will be able to get it for a cheaper rate than their American counterparts at €6 per month, but those over 28 will have to pay as much as €20 per month for the exact same service.

Tinder hasn’t commented on the pricing structure, with much confusion over whether this is just a trial price or whether it will change to follow the same pricing structure as its American counterparts, or even vice versa.

Given that Tinder uses people’s Facebook profiles as the basis for their age, it seems an odd choice to create a two-tiered pricing structure given that a simple change of age could be easily implemented by the user to avoid the higher rate.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic