Tinder introduces Snapchat hybrid feature ‘Moments’

5 Jun 2014

The first images appear to show a design very similar to Snapchat

The developers of the incredibly popular dating app Tinder have announced a new feature known as ‘Moments’ which mixes the image-sending features of Snapchat with the swiping features of Tinder.

As the app approaches its two billionth match, Tinder’s CEO Sean Rad confirmed the upcoming addition of Moments that he hopes will make matches made on the app to know each other better through photo-sharing.

According to Tech Crunch, a person can take a photo through the Moments feature and then send that photo to all of their matches.

The users who then receive the image can respond with the same familiar feature of either swiping right to ‘like’ or swiping left for ‘nope’. Rad and the Tinder team hope that will then encourage conversations to develop instead of just sending messages back and forth or using a third-party app.

Explaining their decision to implement the swiping feature again, Rad said they wanted to make the most out of what was already a popular feature: “People love using Tinder for the joy of swiping, so we wanted to use the same experience to help people get to know each other.”

In fact, the addition of Moments is also considered the app’s move towards creating friendships among strangers rather than a site that has become infamous for simply ‘hooking up’.

“It’s about sharing these moments, and just because you match, doesn’t mean you need to date that person; you could match with a friend who you want to share a moment with,” said Rad.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic