Tomb Raider game designer dives into real life gaming (video)

16 Feb 2012

The Godfather, Tomb Raider and James Bond games designer Phil Campbell reveals how real life will define future games.

At GIG2012, Phil Campbell tells about his latest foray into augmented reality titles.

An architect at heart who designs his games first by pen and then by CAD, he has established a new video game studio in Belfast, Inlifesize, to focus on creating digital experiences that matter to real life.

Campbell worked on the Tomb Raider franchise and created games like Gold, as well as having worked on the design of two blockbuster James Bond games.

He was creative director on EA’s The Godfather, where he created the interactive script, story and mission designs, as well as writing the dialogue for the game, which involved working with actors Marlon Brando, James Caan and Robert Duvall to bring their famous roles back to life for the game.

Watch an interview with Phil Campbell here:

Godfather, Lara Croft and James Bond games designer Phil Campbell on how real life will define future games 

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