Twitter tests new ‘Fave People’ timeline for following select users

18 Mar 2014

Twitter is testing a new timeline format known as ‘Fave People’, which will allow users to put their favourite Twitter users in a separate timeline.

The social network is testing the service on the alpha testing version of its Android app, where it will be followed up by another set of beta testers before finally being given a general release.

The latest alpha version has given significant prominence to the new Fave People service by placing it to the right of the Home icon, along with the established Discover and Activity icons.

Users of the app, when selecting Fave People, will receive a notification explaining how it works: “Tap the star icon on the profiles of your favourite people to see their tweets in this timeline. You can also chose to receive notifications when they tweet from Settings.”

It’s then a matter of selecting who you follow that you want to put into this timeline.

Twitter has previously worked with a similar idea in its List format, but its latest feature is expected to be a more user-friendly design.

It will now be up to the alpha testers to see whether it will make it past this first test before making it to beta and general release.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic