Two pet fish are playing Street Fighter. No, seriously

20 Aug 2014

Thousands of viewers are watching Aquarius and Robert the Bruce battle it out for 'king of the fish'

In what sounds like the basis of a bad joke, a Twitch stream of two pet fish playing the video game Street Fighter using an adapted tank has attracted nearly 50,000 views and rising.

While there does indeed exist a breed of fish known as Siamese fighting fish, this takes things to a whole new ridiculous level.

Creator of this oddly fascinating game, Andrew Hill, drew a grid of nine squares on his fish tank that represented a different direction and a different button that would traditionally be on a controller.

When either Aquarius (the goldfish) or Robert the Bruce (the black fish) swims into a particular box, that forms part of their move whether it be punching each other or even doing a ‘hadouken’ special move.

Of course, being fish who have no idea what is going on, it has largely been a show of both Aquarius and Robert the Bruce jumping up and down as they swim to the top of the tank, but occasionally they come to loggerheads before one eventually reigns supreme, to the delight of, at the time of writing, its 7,500 live viewers.

The profiles of the two competitors

The concept of using the fish tank to play the game followed the ongoing FishPlaysPokémon Twitch stream that uses the same concept to play the Nintendo Gameboy game, Pokémon. That has drawn more than 4.3m views since it began.

The phenomenon of finding bizarre scientific ways to play games has been a growing trend in recent months, none more so than TwitchPlaysPokémon which last February took the internet by storm as a hacked version of the game was streamed online and players could control the character by entering a command into the chat box, something which millions of viewers attempted at the same time at its height of popularity.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic