UK pre-orders of Nintendo Wii U arrive early

29 Nov 2012

Image via SlashGear

Some lucky Amazon customers in the UK have received a new Nintendo Wii U console a day ahead of its release in the UK and Ireland.

The Wii U officially goes on sale after midnight tonight, but Amazon seems to have gotten its dates wrong as SlashGear reports that some customers in the UK that placed a pre-order have already received their consoles.

The in-demand new console launched on 18 November in the US, where it reportedly sold 400,000 units in its first week. And some went straight up on eBay for prices as high as US$600, exploiting would-be pre-Christmas buyers.

The Wii U comes with a tablet-like GamePad controller which allows for a dual-screen gaming experience. There are two models available, basic white with 8GB storage for €299 and a deluxe black 32GB version for €349.

Stockists in the US struggled to keep up with demand during the Thanksgiving shopping period and similar demand is expected in the UK and Ireland. Let’s hope, though, the launch goes a little more smoothly, as the first users in the US complained of a necessary 5GB firmware update taking hours to download, and the Miiverse crashed when it grew to over capacity.

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