Watch: Fallout 4 fanatic builds Shishkebab flaming sword, yet doesn’t die

13 Nov 2015

Flaming sword design image via

Sometimes it’s just better to play in the wastelands of Fallout 4 rather than playing in the wastelands of real life, but that just won’t do for one fan, who has built the Shishkebab flaming sword from the game.

The game Fallout 4 has been out for a couple of days and the hype around it shows not signs of abating.

But the average Fallout fan has nothing on Make’s Caleb Kraft and Ryan Fitzpatrick, who felt that, of all the bizarre weaponry and futuristic gadgetry that exists in the game, the flaming sword, called the Shishkebab, is the one that they just had to make.

When you look closely at the video of the sword making, however, you can see that it’s actually a rather simple concept, which requires a katana sword, a butane fuel tank and a motorcycle handle-cum-lever to turn it on and off.

All there was then left to do was throw on some rather pleasing aesthetics like the fuel gauge and, hey presto, you have a bona fide flaming sword.

With the addition of an igniter from a common barbecue grill, the blade ignites, with Kraft liberally swing it around in his tinkering garage.

In testing, you can see that the Shishkebab is not exactly the most practical of weaponry, but that doesn’t stop Make’s mutant cardboard intern, Roger, getting a few whacks before igniting into a ball of flames.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic