WhatsApp removed from Windows Phone Store temporarily for fixes

19 May 2014

Messaging app WhatsApp has been taken down from the Windows Phone Store to address a number of technical issues.

For owners of the Microsoft handsets, all that would appear when they attempted to search for the app was a message saying, “We couldn’t find a match. Try a different spelling or search term.”

However, according to First Post, WhatsApp has stated the app has only been removed temporarily until they fix it, but no time frame has been specified by either WhatsApp or Microsoft.

Since its acquisition by Facebook in March for an estimated US$19bn, the app has been receiving record numbers of users. As last April, it reached 500m unique users worldwide, while 64bn messages were sent back and forth on one day alone in the same month.

However, with the added number of users has come a number of instances of downtime. In one case, users had been left without the service for a full day last April, and speculation surrounded whether it was because of the then-recent deal between Facebook and WhatsApp.

For existing users of WhatsApp on Windows Phone, there appears to be no issues as of yet in terms of accessing messages.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic