World’s first Irish-speaking teddy bear wins top industry prize

24 Sep 2010

The world’s first Irish-speaking teddy bear has won a Galway electronic toy firm top award in the Practical Pre-School Awards in the UK.

Galway-based company Bábógbaby took the gold medal in the category for its creation ‘BB’ – the world’s first Irish-speaking teddy bear. The company announced its triumph on Twitter this afternoon.

Inventor Adrian Devane said he was, “Just delighted. For a UK organisation to recognise the quality and practicality of our Irish version of BB is just fantastic. It’s like a movie getting five stars or a student getting an A+. They loved it. It opens it up now to such a larger market. There is so much potential for an English-speaking version of the bear.”

Bábógbaby Ltd was set up in early this year in Moycullen, Co Galway, and provides toys for toddlers, children and parents to promote and encourage speaking the Irish language at an early age.

BB is a colourful teddy bear that teaches toddlers and children 33 words in Irish. BB has bright buttons to press, and in response the teddy speaks the friendly-sounding Irish words for basic numbers, colours and shapes. It can count from one to 10 “as Gaeilge” and a “cúpla focal eile”, as well.