World’s youngest Mac app developer (12) scatters Angry Birds

16 Nov 2011

UPDATE – An app created by a 12-year-old from Co Cork in Ireland – officially the world’s youngest Mac app developer – has passed major gaming titles Angry Birds and Call of Duty to become the top paid app on the Mac App Store today.

Twelve-year-old Harry Moran developed an app called PizzaBot that went on sale on the Mac App Store for 79 cents.

“I’ve just consulted with Apple, and I’m officially the (world’s) youngest Mac developer now!” Harry told tonight.

Harry’s game, which was approved for the Mac App Store today, is now top of the action game and new game genres.

The game centres around an innocent slice of pizza that wakes up in a kitchen infested by salami and goes on a quest to free the kitchen of the meaty tyrants.

The game features 25 levels of “sauce shooting action” and is modelled on the traditional first-person shooter.

To give Harry your support or to just check out the app, click here.