X-Factor fans may be able to vote through Facebook

23 Feb 2011

Fans of The X-Factor may soon be able to cast their votes for their favourite performers on Facebook rather than calling a premium-rate number.

Voting for The X-Factor contestants by telephone would still exist, but talks are said to be taking place amongst the higher ups of the singing competition to also implement voting via the popular social networking site.

Casting votes through Facebook, which organisers reportedly aim to have ready for the next season of The X-Factor, is hoped to not only make the voting process easier for young viewers, but to increase the number of votes cast overall.

“TV and social media are overlapping more and more,” a source told The Sun. “This takes it to a new level. In the UK, you will buy Facebook credit like you can now for games on the website, and use that to vote.”

The next season of The X-Factor is scheduled to begin airing in the summer.