Xbox One upgrade sees a new 1TB hard drive and snazzy controller

9 Jun 2015

Ahead of E3, Microsoft is attempting to win yet more undecided console gamers over to the Xbox One after officially launching the latest version of the console.

The new console doubles its hard drive to 1TB and includes a redesigned controller

It’s not just its internal hardware that has gotten a makeover, as Microsoft has also confirmed that for those interested in aesthetics, the Xbox One will be getting a new matte black finish and, if you’re lucky, a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

While unlikely to make you a better gamer, Microsoft would probably argue its additional controller design will give the player a better all-around performance.

The bumpers on the new controller have been given a bit of a tweaking and a new wireless upgrade will eliminate the need to be hooked up to the Xbox One for future updates, according to Microsoft.

Other controller hardware changes include the addition of a 3.5mm jack, the same used by almost all headphones, to allow the player to plug in their own headset if they find Microsoft’s flimsy headset that comes with the console a pain.

For more aesthetic pleasure, the controller will also come in a camouflage design.

As an aside, there was also the announcement of a new wireless adapter for Windows 10 PC users, when the operating system is released, allowing people to play games on their PC with the help of a US$24.99 (€22) dongle.

Due to go on sale from 16 June in most countries at US$399 (€353), the upgraded Xbox One now means the original Xbox One console will be slightly cheaper coming in at US$349 (€309).

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic