‘You Are What You Wear’ creators bounce back with VaVaVoom TV (video)

14 Sep 2012

Director Catherine Legras and presenter Cynthia Baloula at the launch of VaVaVoom TV in Temple Bar, Dublin, during the Absolut Fringe Festival

Fashion and makeover show ‘You Are What You Wear’ ceased broadcasting in March this year when City Channel switched off for the last time, but its producers have now turned to the web to broadcast style tips to Irish men and women.

At VaVaVoom TV, users can browse collections of videos from the team behind You Are What You Wear and others, with fashion, celebrity gossip, beauty tips, Irish nightlife, and makeovers forming the basis of the site’s content.

VaVaVoomTV.ie is all-inclusive, featuring a section for women, a section for men, as well as updates from the LGBT community. It’s also hoped the site can become a platform for Irish designers, jewellers, craftspeople, artists and performers.

“VaVaVoom TV will travel around the country to showcase the great wealth of creative talent of the many stylists, fashion designers and craftspeople in Ireland and bring viewers the fashion and lifestyle subjects they are interested in,” said Cynthia Baloula, former host of You Are What You Wear and co-producer of content on VaVaVoom TV. “VaVaVoom TV reflects the new multicultural Ireland and our viewers actively contribute to the content via social media.”

“The internet is a wonderful platform to produce a new generation of TV programmes,” added co-producer and director Catherine Legras. “People are still big consumers of news and entertainment but now they consume it in a different way. Information is now distributed through the internet and its different channels; through tablets, mobile phones and social media.”


Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic