Young Dubliner makes it to final 10 of Sony Uncharted audition

28 Mar 2012

A young Dubliner has made it to the final of the Uncharted Audition, a Facebook competition to find a new character that will be modelled on the winner to become a playable character in ‘Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.’

The Dubliner has been named as James Crerar, who will battle it out at the final on 28 March against competitors from London, Copenhagen, Vienna, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam.

The final event takes place on 28 March at the Sony Pictures studios in Culver City, California, where the finalists will meet their heroes from the game, including Nolan North, who plays the infamous Nathan Drake, and to receive hands-on coaching for their final auditions.

The auditions will put each finalist’s skill and talent to the test and will see them compete against each other in a series of gaming challenges, go through their action-man paces with legendary stunt experts, improve their acting and improvisation skills and endeavour to impress the judges with their character creations.

The judges will be a tough group to impress with a host of Uncharted actors and Naughty Doc Inc. creators on the panel: Nolan North (Nathan Drake), Emily Rose (Elena Fisher), Amy Hennig (creative director), Robh Ruppel (art director) and Justin Richmond (game director).

The Naughty Doc Inc. judging panel commented: “The amount of creativity and enthusiasm we saw from our contestants during The Uncharted Audition was great. Sony challenged fans to prove that they were as good as Nathan Drake and our finalists achieved this by demonstrating the highest level of quality and imagination possible. This is how we work at Naughty Dog and it’s what make.believe is all about. We’re excited to see what kind of wildly creative Uncharted 3 multiplayer character our grand-prize winner will help us design.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years