YouTube app redesign: Video giant to focus on mobile

24 Jul 2015

YouTube app redesign to streamline service for mobile.

YouTube is set to release a new, streamlined version of its mobile app, the ubiquitous video site announced yesterday.

In the new YouTube app, tabbed browsing will replace the existing ‘hamburger’ menu, with three main areas comprising the app’s layout.

‘Home’ will be where users can explore new content through recommendations based on browsing history, much like the first screen users see in the current design.

‘Subscriptions’ does exactly what it says on the tin. This is where videos from channels you have subscribed to will be found. This has been updated, however, to allow notifications to be delivered directly to your phone (in-app) the instant new content is uploaded.

There will also be an ‘Account’ area, where your playlists, watch history and uploads can be found.

As reported earlier in the week, the new YouTube app will also feature a single-tap shortcut to allow users to watch vertical videos in full-screen. (Internet, rejoice!)

In addition to these cosmetic changes, a host of new video creation tools has been introduced, allowing users to take full advantage of their smartphone’s video capabilities.

It will now be possible to trim footage, add filters and music and upload, all without leaving the YouTube app.

The redesign has come about in response to the fact that more than 50pc of YouTube videos are now watched on mobile devices.

The updated layout is already available on mobile web and Android devices. An iOS version is expected soon.

Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic