2014 Open Government Partnership conference to take place in Dublin

6 Jan 2014

Ireland will host a European-level Open Government Partnership (OGP) conference in May so governments and civil societies can share knowledge, lessons learned and best practice about strengthening governance.

At the conference, to take place in Dublin, about 25 European countries will have the chance to launch their first or second OGP action plan.

“Following on from the recent OGP London Summit, at which I announced a range of proposed open-data initiatives for inclusion in Ireland’s OGP action plan, I am very pleased to announce that a European-level OGP conference will be hosted by Ireland in May 2014,” said Brendan Howlin, Ireland’s Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

The OGP aims to have governments commit to sharing more information about their activities, increase civic participation in decision-making, fight corruption, and leverage new technologies to strengthen governance.

Linda Frey, executive director of the OGP Support Unit, said it’s vital that countries show ambition in their open-government reforms and innovation in the ways they work with civil society.

“OGP members need to keep learning from each other,” said Frey.

Ireland only recently joined the OGP and is moving toward full membership of the partnership by working with Government departments and civil society to develop Ireland’s first OGP national action plan. Under that plan, Ireland is expected to become a full member of the OGP by April.

Howlin said OGP membership reaffirms Ireland’s commitment to governmental transparency and reform and provides an important platform to further Ireland’s current national reform efforts.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic