3D printer used to create synthetic fruit

26 May 2014

A company from Cambridge in the UK known as Dovetailed claims to have created the world’s first 3D printer of fruit, which has created a 3D-printed strawberry.

With its device known simply as the 3D Fruit Printer, Dovetailed has apparently been able to re-create the structure and flavours into an edible synthetic fruit using the right ingredients, colourings and the distinctive strawberry globules through a process known as spherification.

The gelatinous globules are then stacked on top of each other and use a combination of fruit juice and alginic acid which is then put into a vat of calcium chloride which helps seal the fruit mixture into its strawberry shape.

For those interested in experimenting with making their own 3D-printed strawberries or any other variants of fruits, the 3D Fruit Printer is designed for those without a background in gastronomy or 3D printing and just need to follow a set of instructions.

Speaking of the ‘fruits of their success’ on Dovetailed’s website, Vaiva Kalnikaitė, creative director and founder of Dovetailed, said, “We have been thinking of making this for a while. It’s such an exciting time for us as an innovation lab. Our 3D fruit printer will open up new possibilities not only to professional chefs but also to our home kitchens – allowing us to enhance and expand our dining experiences. We have re-invented the concept of fresh fruit on demand.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic