5 reasons to teach kids to code (infographic)

17 Oct 2013

Kids should learn how to code because it empowers them, is easy to learn, and because programmers will be in demand in the future, a new infographic suggests.

The infographic published by Kodable on Visual.ly explains that coding allows kids to express themselves, and it takes them from using technology to actually creating it – which is also empowering.

When those kids grow up, they may have an easier time finding a career if they want to be a programmer, as programming will be one of the fastest-growing professions over the next decade, according to the infographic.

The infographic also spotlights Estonia, where schoolchildren are learning to code at a young age. The country, incidentally, is the birthplace of voice-over-IP and instant messaging service Skype, home to one of the first e-enabled governments, and the first European country with DSL in every school.  


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic