90,000 Irish homes stopped making tea when Pope Francis was revealed

14 Mar 2013

The new Pope Francis. Image via Twitter

Just before the new Pope Francis was announced in Rome yesterday evening electricity consumption in Ireland fell by 142 megawatts or over 3pc as people stopped using their kettles and other appliances and just concentrated on the TV.

Eirgrid revealed that the 142 megawatt drop in power consumption is the equivalent of the electricity usage of over 90,000 homes.

After the announcement of the new Pope usage of power rose again as kettles were boiled and people resumed their activities.

Other occasions where the national love of tea was interrupted include Katie Taylor’s victorious Olympic final bout and medal presentation, the first Ireland-England rugby match in Croke Park and the famous penalty shoot-out between the Republic of Ireland and Italy during the Italia ’90 World Cup.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years