Ageing expert Dr Walter Bortz to speak in Dublin about how to live until 100

18 Jul 2012

Dr Walter Bortz speaking in 2011 about healthcare in the US

Dr Walter Bortz, a clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, will be at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) this afternoon to give a lecture on how people can live a long life.

Bortz is recognised as one of America’s most distinguished scientific experts on ageing and longevity. He is currently teaching a new course at Stanford University about the science of living a long life and how to live until you are 100.

Born in 1930 in Philadelphia, Bortz’s research has focused on the importance of physical exercise in the promotion of robust ageing. Apparently he is also an avid runner and runs an average of 25.75 kilometres per week. The 82-year-old has run 41 marathons, including the 2008 New York Marathon and the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Bortz has also penned books such as We Live Too Short, Die Too Long, Dare to Be 100, Living Longer for Dummies, and Diabetes Danger.

With more than 5.7m people in the US now over the age of 85, Bortz has estimated that our potential life expectancy could reach about 120 years.

Dr Walter Bortz running

Dr Walter Bortz out running

Today he will be speaking about his career as a physician, looking after patients who were aged 100. He will also be explaining his 99-step plan that aims to help people keep active physically, mentally and spiritually.

Bortz is president of the American Geriatric Society and is currently chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. He is also a senior adviser to Healthy Silicon Valley, a community collaborative effort which addresses obesity and diabetes. Bortz lives in Portola Valley in California.

His lecture will be held in the Schrödinger lecture theatre at TCD today from 4pm to 4.45pm. It is open to all.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic