Amazing 3D animation of history of the Earth using cloud data

7 Nov 2015

Revolution of Topography, with a 10-year screening time, will run for longer than any other projection mapping installation in history

A new art installation using 3D cloud data projected onto the side of a mountain in Cappadocia attempts to capture the Earth’s 5bn-year journey in terms of topography.

Revolution of Topography, Cappadocia: Epic History of Humanity, features 3D animations projected and mapped onto the rocky surface of the Cappadocia Zelve Valley, according to The Creators Project.

Produced by FikirbazZenger and directed by Ferdi Alıcı, Revolution of Topography has been billed as the world’s “largest mountain surface mapping”exercise.

With a 10-year screening time it will also run for longer than any other projection mapping installation in history.

The AV installation, located at Cappadocia Zelve Valley Open Air Museum, will run through all phases of Cappadocia’s history.

This ranges from geographical formation and topographical transformations to the emergence of civilisation and religion.

The 3D animations, created by the Istanbul-based animation company Ouchhh, are mapped onto Cappadocia’s pillar-like rock formations that the locals call “fairy chimneys.”

Apart from geographical formations and topographical transformations, the 3D animations show cave paintings, early human dwellings and humanity’s control of fire in Cappadocia, an area known for its Christian monastic communities and structure.

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