Austria and Romania embrace recycling – EU report

8 Apr 2011

Recycled paper is not only a cheaper option, but saves forests and reduces energy and water consumption. The European Commission’s research project ‘Sort it’ is working to improve the sorting process, according to the EU information research centre.

It reported that Austrian scientists and engineers have developed a machine that separates plastic from paper and sorts cardboard from paper. Once the technique is finalised, the machine will be fully automatic. It is designed to increase the amount of used paper collected throughout Europe.

In Romania, the importance of recycling paper is taught in schools. Also, companies in Romania encourage citizens to actively separate paper from other waste, like plastic, as it saves time and energy, according to the EU information research centre.

The report states, “It is evident that sorting is a vital part of recycling used paper and cardboard. And the final result is all this will be used to make cardboard boxes that can re-enter the market for half of the price of cardboard made from new fibres.”