BMW teams up with Italian design firm on concept coupé

28 May 2012

The one-off BMW Zagato Coupé, on show on the banks of Lake Como in Italy over the weekend

BMW has hooked up with the Italian design and engineering consultancy Zagato to create its latest concept car – a sleek one-off coupé. The body of the car was built entirely by hand.

Italian coachbuilder Zagato collaborated with BMW to hand craft the one-off BMW Zagato Coupé, which was was revealed over the weekend at the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance on the banks of Lake Como in northern Italy.

According to BMW, it sought the car to be a “Vmax concept”, and built to be an aerodynamically optimised design capable of reaching high speeds, as well as being a road-legal vehicle. The sporty concept itself features 19-inch alloy wheels, a long bonnet and a double-bubble roof. The rear end of the car features a transparent panel.

“For me, the BMW Zagato Coupé holds a very special magic. It exudes a certain spontaneity which, when combined with the type of unconventional solutions typical of Zagato, lend the car a very individual elegance,” said Zagato chief designer Norihiko Harada.

The modernistic coupé, which BMW has described as a “stunning interpretation of the classic BMW face” is not expected to make it to the production line, however. Check it out here.
BMW Zagato Coupé

BMW Zagato Coupé. Image courtesy of Zagato
BMW Zagato Coupé

The concept’s interior

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