Caroline Kennard, International Business Development Director – Education, Encyclopaedia Britannica

3 Feb 2011

As technology continues to evolve, the key element that will distinguish the leading education providers of tomorrow from others is how active they are in being able to integrate the service they are providing with this new technology. There is also an underlying requirement to provide teachers with the support they need in order to embrace this new technology in the education environment.

When you then extend this out to a wider area, like the use of tablet computers, smartphones and laptops, both teachers and parents will want to be sure that children only have access to appropriate educational content.

We cannot underestimate the role of teachers in the continual development of a digital curriculum that is both fun to teach and engaging. Combining teaching and learning resources with the technology in the classroom therefore needs to be done in collaboration with both content providers and the teaching community.

It is going to be really important that everyone has access to good quality, copyrighted learning materials through an online subscription-based service like Britannica that promotes the correct use of content in a safe environment.

Broadband has now become vital within the education world as it brings digital content, such as video, interactive material and games, alive in the classroom and takes the learning experience to a whole new dimension.