Commission asks Ireland to comply with court ruling on waste

1 Oct 2010

The European Commission has asked Ireland to comply with a ruling by the EU’s Court of Justice regarding waste disposal.

Key areas where Ireland has failed to comply were the construction industry, demolition waste and end-of-life vehicles disposal, the Commission said.

If the necessary actions were not taken, the Commission may take Ireland to court, as well as Greece and Italy, to ensure they comply with rulings by the European Court of Justice related to waste management and animal by-products.

Proper waste disposal

Environment commissioner Janez Potočnik said: “The world is not our trash can. Proper waste disposal is essential to keep the environment healthy. I therefore urge Ireland to bring its practices into line with EU law.”

Progress has been made since the judgment, and Ireland now has an adequate network of landfills and many facilities handling end-of-life vehicle waste are still operating without permits, the Commission said.