ESB app for iPhone and Android calculates energy guzzlers

12 Sep 2011

ESB Electric Ireland has introduced a new appliance calculator app that calculates how much various home appliances cost to run in their households and pinpoint the various energy guzzlers.

The app can be used to estimate how much a range of more than 130 different home appliances cost to run. It also enables customers to compare the cost of using appliances in different ways and see the positive impact of using appliances wisely.

People can estimate the cost of running an appliance by creating a full list of all their home appliances for a complete breakdown of their energy bills. They can compare the cost of using the appliances in different ways, like washing clothes at 40°C versus 60°C and see the positive impact of using their appliances wisely, for example by using a small ring on their stove top versus a larger one.

App users can also review the top energy using appliances from the ‘Big Electricity Users’ list and see how much the top energy guzzlers – including immersion tanks, electric showers, plasma TVs and PCs – cost to run. In addition, the app includes a search function, where a comprehensive list of individual gas and electric appliances, from games consoles to hair straighteners, and kettles to fridge freezers, can be found.

The app is available to download for all smartphones. For iPhones, simply search for ‘Appliance Calculator’ on the iTunes App Store and for Android phones, search for ‘Appliance Calculator’ in the Android Market.

“The ESB Electric Ireland Appliance Calculator App is a fantastic tool to help control costs in your home to make much-needed savings,” said Ken McKervey, commercial manager, ESB Electric.

“The Appliance Calculator is already a popular tool on our website, but given 600,000 Irish people own a smartphone, we wanted to bring the app to Android and iPhones.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years