Ex-Formula 1 driver launches Green Cars Challenge

11 Oct 2010

Most of us would jump at the opportunity to drive, or even sit in, a Tesla Roadster. The battery-powered sports car’s 0-97kph in 3.7 seconds makes the prospect all the more tempting but one thing has remained an obstacle thus far – price.

While not as high as a seat on the Virgin Galactic, the price of a Roadster is starting at €84,000 (excluding VAT) – making it enviably out of reach for some motor enthusiasts. Until now.

Erik Comas, Formula 1 driver and electric vehicle enthusiast– having driven the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally – has recently launched ‘Green Cars Challenge’, which is a scheme to promote “zero-emission, high-speed fun on some of the world’s most scenic roads”.

Having purchased five Tesla Roadsters through his company, he will rent the cars out for multi-day touring excursions in the Swiss Alps and picturesque French countryside.

Green Cars Challenge participants, made up of corporate customers on team-building exercises primarily, will make pit stops at award-winning restaurants, hotels and spas. They will also participate in seminars and bonding exercises aimed at promoting team building and sustainability.

“Driving the Roadster in Monte Carlo demonstrated, without a shred of a doubt, that there is no need to compromise between cars that are energy efficient and fun to drive,” Comas said.

“The Roadster also underscores that social and environmental responsibility are important messages for business executives in the 21st century.”