Gadget gifting ideas for world tech leaders

24 Dec 2011

The Little Printer, which will be available in 2012!

What do you buy the tech trailblazers of this world for Christmas? It’s rather difficult to wrap a Tesla Roadster up in Christmas paper. And in these lean economic times, would it be deemed better to show your affection using a ‘less is more’ philosophy?

Here’s a few gifts you could chose to buy your nearest and dearest, if they happen to be, say, Sean Parker, Rashmi Sinha, Arianna Huffington, Mark Zuckerburg, Sergey Brin, Mena Trott, Dylan Collins, Gina Bianchini, or young Harry Moran from Ireland who recently became the world’s youngest Mac app developer this year for his PizzaBot app.

I’ve just picked three of my personal favourites:

Hello Little Printer
Okay, so this won’t be available until 2012, but I couldn’t resist giving you a preview of this printer of the future that connects social networking news with the printed word!

You can set Little Printer up just about anywhere, as it’s very minute. Created by BergCloud, the bbay printer works by connecting social media with traditional media, as you can pull in news, gossip, photos, stories and trends from your friends’ Facebook or Twitter profiles, for example. Via your smartphone, you can set up subscriptions and the Little Printer will garner all of your chosen news snippets and images to create a teeny mini-newspaper. Genius!

Touchscreen Gloves
Taking gloves to a whole new level – touch screen gloves are great for gamers or people who love to text. And the best thing? These gloves won’t burn a hole in your pocket. I like the ones from The Agloves have arrived in Europe too, so it’s not just those living Stateside who can avail of them. So if you are out snowboarding in Vancouver, hiking in the Wicklow Mountains, or meditating in Nepal, you can still wear these gloves and keep in touch with people on your iPhone, iPad or Sony Ericsson Experia mini, all with cosy-warm hands.

Keeping fit by entering a triathlon

And for the runners in your life, or people who like to challenge themselves by doing triathlons, you could purchase them a ticket to enter TriGrandPrix. This company, co-founded by Irish tech entrepreneur Jim Breen and Venezuelan professor and engineer José Torres, is aiming to bring the triathlon experiences to the masses, in Europe. TriGrandPrix is a fusion of their IT experience applied to the sporting arena. They hold triathlons all over Europe, such as Kilkenny in Ireland and Ciboure Itsas-Mendi, near Biarritz in France, and London.

Check them out here in an article I wrote about the duo during the summer.






Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic