Gaelchultúr launches live online Irish classes

13 Sep 2012

Gaelchultúr will be offering Irish classes live online in response to international demand, the Dublin-based company says.

The live online Irish classes, which are part of Gaelchultúr’s autumn programme, can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, no matter where they are.

The number of people learning Irish abroad is increasing, according to Gaelchultúr. There are more than 4,000 third-level students in the USA and Canada, heightening the demand for resources and an innovative approach to teaching the language.

“Classes will contain a maximum of 15 people and the technology used will ensure learners gain optimum benefit from each session,” says Éamonn Ó Dónaill, Gaelchultúr’s director of education.

“The lecturer will be visible on screen and he’ll have a wide selection of resources at his disposal, such as PowerPoint displays, videos, a whiteboard and audio files.

“Students can ask questions at any time and they’ll have access afterwards to a full recording of the class (both audio and video). This means they’ll be able to watch any class again whenever they’re online.”

The system will also enable Gaelchultúr to let students work in groups during the live classes.

“During these break-out sessions, as they’re called, the tutor will be able to go from group to group helping students with any difficulties they might have,” Ó Dónaill says.

The only things students need to participate in the classes is a computer, headset, and internet connection.

The live online classes will begin the week of 24 September and will be available at beginners level and lower intermediate level. The classes last for two hours and run once a week for 10 weeks.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic