Gigglebit: 10 awesome explosive chemical reactions gifs

23 Feb 2015

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The next time someone tries to claim that science isn’t interesting and just for nerds, why not show them this collection of some of the most explosive and cool chemical reactions that you would never have done in science class in a million years.

Of course, not all chemical reactions need to be explosive for them to be cool, as there are a number of examples in science that appear to defy the laws of physics as the combination of two chemicals causes them to expand or contract at a phenomenal rate ie powdered sugar mixed with most physical objects’ biggest enemy, sulphuric acid.

All of these suggestions are courtesy of the guys over at Reddit, particularly the amazing subreddit /chemicalreactiongifs.

1. Zinc bar in lead diacetate solution


2. Manganese oxide and acetone

Manganese oxide + acetone

3. Highly magnetic ferrofluid


4. CD in a microwave


5. Burning steel


6. CoCl2 in Na2SiO3 Solution


7. Lighting a matchstick


8. A block of burning magnesium


9. Blood mixed with hydrogen peroxide


10. Rubidium dropped into water


Mad scientist image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic