Gigglebit: Ancient selfies through art

24 Nov 2014

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When you think of it, the art the concept of a selfie is not particularly new given that for hundreds of years, artists have been creating self-portraits of themselves that follow the exact same concept, just take a much longer time.

So what if the artists had access to 21st century smartphones?

Following a visit to the National Gallery of Denmark in the country’s capital city, Copenhagen, art director Olivia Muus decided to do just that and managed to capture perfectly how it would have looked for the subject had they taken a selfie.

In fact, the combination of art and selfies is fast becoming a phenomenon in itself as sooner rather than later, the #artselfie book will be published which will feature regular people and celebrities alike posing for selfies in front of art.

All art selfie images via Imgur/Olivia Muus

Woman taking selfie in park image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic