Gigglebit: Pilot your own Philae lander!

17 Nov 2014

Original Philae lander image via ESA

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Despite claims that a particular photo of socialite Kim Kardashian would ‘break the internet’, the historic event that was the Philae lander’s touchdown on comet 67P this week far surpassed searches on Google than anything happening here on Earth.

Despite the initial cheer after confirmation that the probe had landed on the comet’s surface, however, worries over its long-term ability to succeed have been cast into doubt as it appears it may have landed on its side, with its solar panes in shadow.

Those of us here on Earth, though, can relive one of space science’s greatest achievements by recreating the landing of Philae, in a fun game designed by the European Space Agency and US space agency NASA.

Called Comet Quest: A Rosetta Adventure, the game is much more complicated than many of the browser/mobile games released in recent years that act more like a digital whack-a-mole.

You have been warned: try your hand at the training before attempting to land Philae on the comet, otherwise you’ll have no chance.

Click on the image below to get started on your own comet quest!

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic