Gigglebit: Surprising uses for Lego in today’s high-tech world

20 Feb 2015

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Today we’re looking at Lego, the single most important product in the world of engineering.

That’s because, while cells are the building blocks of life, Lego are the building blocks us living folk most love messing around with.

So when we came across YouTuber Horseattack’s Lego printer, we simply had to give it an audience.

The ‘Lego felt tip 110’ printer hack, connected to a Mac, is absolutely brilliant.

Horseattack’s charming device has little worker Lego characters manning a device that prints with a felt tip pen, gradually, creating a pretty deadly print out.

For those who notice, that’s Helvetica font and, as Horseattack so kindly informs us, one felt tip pen is usually good for a few pages before it dries up.

Adam – Horseattack’s real name – also apologises if it looks in any way like a Mac advert, he just found it easier than working on PCs.

But wait, that’s not all

But it’s not just printing that Lego can help out with. What about fans of magic? What about fans of Apple products?

Well, what do you know? Lego has only gone and made a pretty cool tool called Lego Fusion. And this video, with Simon Pierro, an iPad and ‘Magic Bricks’ is brilliant and quite mindblowing for the youngsters witnessing his tricks.

Of course if neither of those cool utilisations of Lego are up your street, then enjoy this terrifying iPhone stand, because it’s awesome.

A fine use of Lego, via Imgur

Or let this lamp light up your life (no apology, pun intended).

Lego lamps are brilliant, via Mashable

Lego computer hacker image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic