launches video tutorials for doctors

7 Feb 2012

Ireland’s online directory of medical professionals has now launched educational content for GPs with video tutorials from leading specialists in Irish medicine.

The tutorials will discuss common issues faced by GPs and provide answers for them from experts in fields such as cardiology, orthopaedics and endocrinology. The tutorials have been segmented into short clips, letting GPs focus on specific questions that interest them.

“This marks an exciting new chapter in the development of as not only an online directory but also as an educational platform for GPs,” said Dr Shane McKeogh, co-founder of and Drimnagh-based GP.

“We launched over a year ago to address a significant gap in the market to provide a comprehensive, free online source of information for GPs. To date, approximately 1,600 GPs, which is over 50pc of the GPs in the country, are using our website regularly as the first port of call when making enquiries, referrals or recommendations on behalf of patients,” he said.

The first tutorial in the series will feature Dr Brendan Doyle, consultant cardiologist from the Mater Private Heart and Vascular Centre. He discusses commons issues in cardiology, such as how often lipids should be checked in a patient on statins for primary or secondary intervention.

“As GPs ourselves we know what GPs need in their day-to-day practice,” said Dr Darach Ó Ciardha, co-founder of

“We are now adding high quality educational material which will also offer an invaluable link for GPs to some of the best specialists in the country. We have just completed our next video tutorial production on orthopaedics and we are looking forward to making this available to GPs in the coming weeks,” he said.