Graham Byrne, head of Ireland and Scotland business, Promethean

3 Feb 2011

It’s going to be a lot more challenging this year. What we’ll need to do is start being more creative. We’ve cited how we’ve worked with the Jack and Jill Foundation to get whiteboards into Irish classrooms. We’re going to have to look at other areas that we can help as an organisation to get schools to a level they need to be at from an ICT perspective.

One of the areas we’re looking at is working with parents’ organisations. Before the funding last year, parents were working with schools and fundraising to get equipment into classrooms. There was a huge passion in getting equipment into the schools.

We’ll look at helping parents raise money, in some cases matching the funding just to get equipment into the classroom. We feel as an organisation we need to be backing up their efforts.

As an organisation, we are passionate about technology in education and we will endeavour to do what we can to assist in the process.