Green Machines revs up zero-emission eCity electric cars

19 Nov 2009

Supplier of zero-emission electric vehicles Green Machines has launched the latest version of the popular Mega eCity electric car and the commercial version called the eCity Professional onto the Irish market.

The Mega eCity and the eCity Professional are both powered by the manufacturer’s new AC motor, which provides more torque and greater acceleration than previously available. Ideal for city driving and shorter commutes, the vehicles have a top speed of 66k/ph and a range of up to 65 kilometres.

“The new model eCity is a great addition to our ever-expanding selection of vehicles,” said Robert Nolan, managing director, Green Machines. “The car is a very practical, affordable and cost-saving urban-commute vehicle. It has all the modern conveniences you would expect in a car with the benefit of costing very little to run.”


The new model eCity, which is designed and built in France, comes standard in either a two- or four-seat configuration with exterior temperature gauge with black-ice alert (< 3°C), anti-theft security, central remote locking, automatic illuminating hazard lights in sudden deceleration, CD/radio with removable security face, reversing sensors and more.

An additional feature includes a boost button to provide extra power if required for acceleration and to assist in steeper inclines. The body of the Mega eCity is also close to 100pc recyclable.

The Mega eCity and Professional versions are both built with an aluminium monocouque chassis and occupant-safety cell, and are clad in impact-resistant polycarbonate panels. The vehicle has undergone independent testing in France, where it has won best in class for safety.

“Unlike some vehicles that people think of when you put the words electric and car together, the Mega eCity will blend in well with its surroundings,” Nolan continued.

Can blend right in

“The car is larger, wider and more car-like in appearance and operation than its competition. We recently had 25 individuals test the vehicle in some very hard terrain off the west coast and it was well received, both from a functional and an aesthetic viewpoint.”

The addition of the Mega eCity Professional fills a gap that presently exists for a user friendly, functional and cheap solution for a carbon-free commercial vehicle.

“We have many commercial electric vehicles available on the market today. There are none that fit into the category that the eCity Professional is fulfilling. It is ideal for organisations, such as local authorities, campus universities, large-scale manufacturing sites and also urban delivery businesses making short-run trips with lots of stops.”

The Mega eCity Professional is also eligible for the accelerated capital allowance scheme, which allows for a company to write down the cost of the vehicle against profits in year one of the purchase.

Maintenance cost

With similar running costs, it is estimated that both vehicles will be about €200 to run a year if fully charged every day, which is on average about 70pc cheaper than the fuel costs of similarly sized diesel cars.

The Mega eCity and Professional have no exhaust and zero emissions when driven. Even if you take account of the CO2 produced in supplying the electricity to the mains socket to charge the car, the Mega eCity still has lower emissions than any combustion engine. With renewable energy and carbon offsetting this would be zero in the near future.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The eCity Professional electric car.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years