Green transport opportunities for Irish firms

5 May 2011

European experts in sustainable transport technology and infrastructure were in Dublin today for the European Green Transport Conference to inform Irish companies about the opportunities for new technologies and partnerships in transport in the UK and western Europe, including vehicle and rail-based technology and intelligent infrastructure.

Enterprise Ireland organised the conference for Irish technology companies that supply or are interested in supplying the transport sector in the UK and western Europe.

Transport companies and organisations that presented at the conference included Bombardier Rail, Jaguar Land Rover, Alstom, Veolia, the European Commission, the National Roads Authority and various universities.

Enterprise Ireland points to new business opportunities that are emerging in the transport sector across the UK and western Europe, due to many factors, such as government green stimulus packages, which are worth £560m in the UK for instance, the EU’s CO2 reduction targets for 2020 and 2050, and the ‘smart systems’ convergence of consumer electronics, transport technology and infrastructure that can all ‘talk’ to each other.

Enterprise Ireland’s head of Global Business Development Julie Sinnamon said the need for sustainable transport solutions across Europe and the UK is resulting in increased demand for new technologies and innovative thinking.

“Ireland has a solid base of companies that have the technological, manufacturing and innovative experience to deliver technologies to meet these new demands. This conference is about giving them an inside track to ensure they can capitalise on the opportunities that are emerging as a result of these shifts.”

The Minister of State for Transport Alan Kelly, TD, added: “Transport investment represents great potential because all policy makers will be striving for a smarter, more efficient transport infrastructure. It would be excellent to see Irish companies supplying these sectors abroad. I believe the state agencies and the private sector must work together to create momentum around the sustainable transport industry with the potential for job creation across many sectors and parallel industries.”

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic