IBM pledges $50m to Smarter Cities

9 Nov 2010

IBM is set to lend its top talent to help cities deliver services more efficiently and effectively in areas such as sustainability and energy.

IBM has announced the inauguration of its Smarter Cities Challenge, in which they will award $50m (around €36m) worth of technology to promote smarter cities across the globe.

The IBM grant program, which will take place over the next three years, will see IBM experts and technology specialists visit cities that have made the strongest case for participating in Smarter Cities Challenge. Experts will provide assistance in local issues, such as sustainability and energy, as well as education and communications – providing strategies designed to make intelligent technology in the cites more prosperous.

Municipalities of all sizes are eligible, but it is believed that cities with populations between 100,000 to 700,000 will gain the most from the experience.

Cities interested in researching, and potentially applying for, a Smarter Cities Challenge grant, can click here.

IBM has also announced it has recently signed a five-year contract for the future provision of IT to Bank of Ireland.