Kodak demos bendy waterproof OLED

31 Aug 2009

Flexible OLED screens that will ensure electronic ‘papers’ and TV screen that weigh nothing and can wrap around walls are coming downstream but Kodak has decided to go one further with its OLED technology by making it waterproof.

As talked about on its official PluggedIn blog, Kodak has been testing this new technology and talks about its possible uses for new gadgets as well as lighting.

“Recently, we’ve taken our leadership a step further and demonstrated our latest flexible OLED displays under water,” said Michele Ricks, OLED engineer and marketing novice with Kodak.

“LEDs are notoriously moisture-sensitive, so this is quite an achievement for our team.”

Ricks added that Kodak’s research on flexible OLED displays had the potential to be a game-changer, bringing a realizing a unique form factor at lower cost.

By Marie Boran