LG launches first carbon labelled TVs in Europe

8 Jul 2011

Two of LG Electronics’ 3D TVs have become the first TVs in Europe to carry the Carbon Reduction Label, which certifies the carbon emissions from every stage of their life cycle, from production, to transportation, preparation, use and disposal.

According to the Korean company, by using the label it is also committing to making further reductions of emissions from the TVs. The carbon footprint across the life cycle of a TV in the UK is 17g/CO2 per hour of use of it.

“This certification marks an important step forward for us in terms of improving our environmental brand image in Europe,” said Il-geun Kwon, head of LG’s LCD TV R&D Lab.

“Europe is the world’s largest TV market so it is important that LG is able to communicate our commitment to developing world-class products using the most responsible materials and manufacturing processes to its European consumers.”

Reducing brands’ carbon footprint

Since 2007, the Carbon Trust has worked with numerous brands and individual product lines to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of everyday household items, as well as business facing brands.

Many of these brands, including Quaker Oats, Dyson, Cemex, Morphy Richards and dozens of Tesco own-label products now carry the Carbon Reduction Label on their packaging to show consumers they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

“LG can now communicate the carbon footprint of the product in a simple, robust and engaging way using the Carbon Reduction Label,” said Harry Morrison, director of certification, the Carbon Trust.

Karina Corbett